Pega webinar: Discover the secret recipe of Customer Centric collections and dunning.

One of the key ingredients to become and to stay a front-running company is when you give every single customer the attention they expect and deserve. But how to communicate with them in any way they prefer, at any time they desire? And how to provide the best possible solution?

One of these challenging processes for example is the collections and dunning procedures. We see companies struggle on how to maintain a consistent and customer centric approach. During this webinar, we will show several best practices of worldwide well-known financial services companies on how to easily accomplish an automated customer centric process.

Your existing IT as valuable accelerator

The past several years most companies invested a lot in their IT to keep up with the customers’ needs. However, technology is changing more rapidly year after year. Earlier investments are slowly turning into legacy instead of a valuable accelerator. How can you keep up with the rapidly changing technologies? How can you get a complete overview of all your customer data that’s spread out over multiple IT-systems and applications? In other words, how to use all your earlier customer insights to create one (real-time) single point of truth? 
​During this webinar you’ll gain insight in how to turn your existing systems into the most valuable assets of your organization.

What to discover?

Join our webinar and learn by proven successfully best practices of well-known international financial services companies, how they accomplish a Customer Centric Collections and Dunning process . 

During the live demo you will discover:

  • How to easily optimize a collections workflow;
  • The key possibilities and advantages of the Pega technology;
  • How to optimize your customer service and increase your customer experience;
  • How you can keep your existing systems and automatically turn all of your company-, and user data into the valuable assets.

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